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Iowa Specialty Pharmacy makes filling your prescription medications easy.  Conveniently located at our Clarion Campus, our pharmacy staff  is ready to help you management your medications.  As a bonus, if you use MyChart, you will be able to see your medication listing in your MyChart records.


Auto Refills

We offer the option to enroll your eligible prescriptions in an auto-refill service.  This will allow you to fill your maintenance medications without calling or using the mobile app.  Please note that controlled prescriptions are not eligible for this service.  Please speak to a pharmacy staff member to enroll.  

Mobile App

Real Quick LogoYou may request refills using our mobile app.  Follow the instructions below for initial enrollment.

  • In the app store, search "RefillQuick"
  • After download, open the app and enter the pharmacy phone number: 515-532-2801 
  • Follow the prompts to enter your name and Rx numbers.  After hitting continue, it will give you a summary of your prescription requests, including whether or not there are refills available. 
  • Add any notes, if necessary
  • Press "Request Refill" to submit your refill

Med Sync

Visit with one of our pharmacy staff members to learn about med sync which makes most of your medication refills due at the same time.  This handy service saves you time by avoiding extra trips to pick up your refills.

Text Message Notifications

Sign up to receive text message notifications when your prescriptions are ready.  Simply visit with a staff member to enroll your mobile phone number. Notifications include:

  • Prescriptions are READY 
  • 3 Day Reminder - Prescriptions are still on the shelf awaiting pickup
  • Pharmacy will be closed due to inclement weather.

You may also send a text message to our pharmacy staff if you have questions or to simply respond to any of the notifications.

Transfer My Prescriptions

Make your world more convenient by having your prescriptions filled where you receive healthcare.  If you would like to transfer your prescriptions from your current pharmacy to Iowa Specialty Pharmacy, click the button below to complete the transfer request form.  Our staff will handle the rest. 

Transfer My Prescriptions

*Note: Please plan ahead for prescription refill requests. Refills cannot be called in to your provider after office hours or on weekends. For your convenience we offer different options to complete your refill requests: in-person, by phone or fax, and with our convenient mobile app.

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