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If you are sure that you don't want any more children and are tired of using temporary birth control, Essure was created for you.
The Essure procedure is a sterilization procedure for women. Essure is inserted vaginally by a trained gynecologist using a visually guided method called hysteroscopy. A micro-insert is placed in each fallopian tube. The body and the micro-insert work together to form a biological blockage that prevents sperm from reaching the egg.
Unlike tubal ligation (having your "tubes tied") or a vasectomy, the Essure procedure requires no incisions and is typically done without general anesthesia. In clinical trials, the average time spent using a hysterscope to place micro-inserts into the fallopian tube was 15 minutes. The total procedure time was about 30 minutes, and most women were able to leave the facility 45 minutes after the procedure.
The Essure procedure is designed to provide permanent birth control and is not expected to be reversible, so it is important for you to consider whether permanent birth control is the right decision for you.
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