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Nutrition Services: Dietary Guidelines

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During your stay at Iowa Specialty Hospital, your physician will prescribe your diet, and your menus will be planned to contain the foods permitted.

Our Standard Diets

  • General: This diet provides a variety of foods that meet the requirements of the Food Guide Pyramid. You will be served balanced meals from the basic food groups—milk, meat, fruit, vegetables, potato, or starch.

  • Low Fiber/Low Residue: The soft diet is designed for patients who are unable to tolerate a general diet. This diet will consist of foods that are low in dietary fiber and are non-irritating to the digestive tract.

  • Low Fat/Low Salt: The selections on this menu are lower in fat, cholesterol, and sodium to meet the requirements of the American Heart Association. This diet is designed to help lower your blood lipids and promote a healthier heart.

  • Consistent Carbohydrate: This diet will provide well-balanced portion controlled meals that will be within the limits of your calorie restriction and will have appropriate carbohydrate distribution. This diet is used for those with diabetes, hypoglycemia, or weight management issues.

  • No Added Salt (NAS): The NAS diet is like a general diet which is well-balanced to meet nutrient requirements. This diet will have less sodium for patients who may have blood pressure problems or water retention.

  • Full Liquid: A full liquid diet is used as a transition diet to solid foods. A liquid diet may also provide better tolerated foods when you have been sick. Broth, juice, jell-o, milk, pudding, and ice cream are provided on most trays. A high protein, full liquid supplement is also provided to help meet your nutritional needs.

  • Clear Liquid: Clear liquid diets are used prior to and following a surgery or test. A clear liquid high protein supplement is provided on this tray to help meet nutritional needs for calories and protein. Broth, juice, jell-o, candy sticks, supplements, and clear soda are allowed on a clear liquid diet.

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