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8-26-2020:  Update from Dr. Michael McLoughlin

8-13-2020:  Serology Testing Now Available

8-11-2020:  Local COVID-19 Update from Dr. Michael McLoughlin

8-10-2020:  Cleaning and Disinfecting for COVID-19

8-7-2020:  Iowa Specialty Hospital Now Test Iowa Site

8-3-2020:  Open Letter from Dr. Michael McLoughlin

7-14-2020:  Safe for Children to Return to School

7-26-2020:  Clarion Man Describes COVID Journey

7-10-2020: Wear a Mask; Precautions Still a Necessity in Wright County

5-19-2020: Wear Face Protection to Reduce COVID Spread

4-28-2020: ISH Resumes Elective Procedures

4-20-2020: Boost Immune System During COVID-19

4-20-2020: Raising Mental Health Awareness Amid COVID-19

3-23-2020: Outdoor Clinic Available for Respiratory Illness

3-21-2020: Clinic Appointment Restrictions

3-20-2020: Financial Counselor Assistance Temporarily Unavailable at ISH

3-18-2020: Consider Donating PPE to Assist COVID-19 Response

3-16-2020: Visitor Restrictions in Place; Non-Essential Appointments On-Hold

3-13-2020:  Non-Essential Appointments

3-12-2020:  Have Symptoms? Call Ahead

3-12-2020: Coronavirus and Influenza Concerns

3-12-2020: County and Hospital Officials Discuss Plans for Coronavirus

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The following websites are reliable sources for COVID-19 information.

Iowa Department of Public Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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