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The staff and providers at your Belmond facility provided the best experience!

By Matt

I am including this letter with my post-Op survey because I feel the need to recognize the wonderful staff following my recent neck surgery in January. Please ensure you take a moment to recognize all the great staff and providers at your Belmond facility as they provided the best experience I have had to date!

The care started with Matt Moritz and the staff in Fort Dodge thoroughly evaluating my situation and discovering the issue. Then they referred me to Dr. Nelson and staff (Angie and Mo). We were able to address the options, and the early consultations prepared me for surgery. I really appreciated the accommodations in scheduling and promptness to help ensure the surgery would happen at a time when my work is slow and the impact on my life was minimal.  Dr. Nelson explained the procedure well and had me prepared for what to expect.  His attention to detail was phenomenal from start to finish.

The surgery crew at the Belmond campus was amazing.  From pre-Op classes/physical through discharge, I cannot think of one experience to critique. I felt as if I was being treated by my mother as a sick child, and the care was top notch. (This included a few times of the nurses having to be mom and tell me "no.") I know there is now way I can possibly remember everyone who helped me those two days, but please recognize Wendy/Stacy/Matt/Corey/Dr. Nelson (OR), Julie/Anna/Kristie/Tracy (hospital stay), and all the CNAs, Food Service staff, and specialists that visited me during the stay.

Keep up the great work you do for this area, and thank you for being such a wonderful facility in our community. Thank you for taking the time to recognize your wonderful staff and letting them know they are appreciated. I am sure they do not hear it enough!

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