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The Friendliness Stood Out

By Ray

The following testimonial is from Ray Neswold of Algona during his recovery after knee replacement surgery on March 2, 2015.  

 How did you hear about Iowa Specialty Hospital and what made your choose us for your health care?
     We had several friends that came here for other services, including a friend who had two broken feet about 3 years ago, and we heard good reports.  We live in Algona now and could have gone to Mason City or somewhere else up north, but after looking around, God seemed to put this place in our lives.  
     My wife had her hip replacement surgery here in late December.  I had my knee replacement yesterday and will probably need to do the other one, as well.  That will need to wait a bit. We have a granddaughter getting married in Ireland at the end of June.  We definitely want to be there for that occasion.

How did you know it was time to do something about your knee?
     We lived on our family farm for over 44 years.  Last fall, we made the decision to move from the Britt area to Algona.  While we had help, we did a lot of the moving ourselves.  It was difficult bringing items up from storage.  Even daily things became more difficult, like taking the stairs.  It was a single step at a time.  You really don’t know what you have until you are limited.  It puts thing in perspective.

What did you think of our orthopedic program that prepares you for surgery?
     I knew it would be good from what I had heard and the number of surgeries that you do here.  Alison does a nice job with the class.
    Your hospital has specialty in the name…that’s what it’s become… a specialty hospital, and that’s really what’s made the place.

Was there one thing that stood out for you?
     The friendliness…everyone greets you in the hall. It’s a positive atmosphere. I just appreciate the communication, medical and professional skills, and the friendliness.  The staff is attentive to our needs, and Dr. Kakade is easy to work with…he is a very special guy.

Anything we can improve on?
     Not really…I understand you’re looking for input to continue to improve. I appreciate that you even consider that.

Would you refer Iowa Specialty Hospital to family and friends?
     Yes, I would.  I’m so glad you’re here so a person doesn’t have to travel to bigger cities further away. I’d recommend this place, period!

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