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The Experience Has Been Great

I would recommend the services of Dr. Odland and Iowa Specialty Hospital in Clarion to anyone requiring a joint replacement surgery. The staff and services provided have been exceptional. 

I began having left hip pain in February 2022. In a couple months, I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis of my left hip and the only treatment is left hip replacement. I needed surgery as soon as this could be scheduled. I had a consult with a surgeon in Des Moines (I live in Urbandale) and surgery was scheduled for late September 2022. I checked with several other surgeons in the Des Moines area, Mason City, and Iowa City and was told that I could consult with a physician in October and maybe have surgery in November. The avascular necrosis quickly progressed so it was becoming much more difficult for me to walk. I work as a physical therapist, and one of my co-worker's relatives had surgery at the Clarion hospital and recommended the staff and hospital. I contacted Iowa Specialty Hospital and made an appointment to see Dr. Odland on July 19, 2022. 

I was impressed with Dr. Odland and decided that day that he was the surgeon that I wanted to do my surgery. He was also booked until late September to complete the surgery. I requested that the hospital contact me if anyone cancelled and I could be placed on the schedule earlier. Dr. Odland's nurse (unfortunately I didn't write down her name) assured me they would contact me if they had a cancellation. On July 28, 2022, I was contacted by this nurse and scheduled for surgery August 22, 2022.
My wife accompanied me to the surgery, and we were both impressed by the concern that the staff at the hospital provided. As I went to surgery, the nurse walked my wife to the cafeteria to be sure she felt comfortable and was available for any questions. My wife commented to Dr. Odland regarding the excellent service we were receiving, and his comment was "that's the culture we strive for at this hospital". 

My surgery went well. I returned to my physical therapist position in two weeks. I enjoy running and felt bad that I would not be returning to this activity after surgery. As a physical therapist, previously I had the notion that running would wear out a joint replacement and was not an activity that I could enjoy again. While Dr. Odland didn't encourage me to suddenly run long distances, he did say that I could try to progress slowly and start with short distances. By June 3, 2023, I was able to run a half marathon. I have scheduled another half marathon and may try to progress to running a full marathon again. 

The experience with Iowa Specialty Hospitals has been great. I feel I would not have had this quality of care at the Des Moines orthopedic clinics or hospitals. Dr. Odland explained procedures and my status to me, and I feel I had expert hands-on care. The hospital and Dr. Odland's staff were exceptional initially with getting me scheduled, and then making sure I had the best experience possible and that my wife felt comfortable and assured. As I said, I would recommend this service to anyone needing joint replacement.

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