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Thank You to Dr. Nik and ER Nurses

By Megan

Last weekend we were visiting my parents in Latimer, Iowa. Our 4 year old son, Trennen, woke up Saturday stating his cheek hurt. Upon looking at him, we noticed that his neck looked pretty swollen. My mother called around to a few of her friends, and they recommended going to Iowa Specialty in Clarion. Upon arrival, we were checked in promptly despite having never been there before. The nurses and Dr. Nik were amazing. They learned that our son's birthday was the following day; they found him a little bear and brought him some ice cream. Our son is not a fan of going to the doctor, but they had him smiling and laughing throughout most of the visit. I'm very grateful for they time they took and going above and beyond for  him. We will never forget the way we were treated.

Thank you very much Dr. Nik and the nurses working on Saturday, February 3rd.

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