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Shout Out to Both Clarion and Belmond Hospitals

By Michele

HUGE HUGE shout out to all the staff at both the Clarion and Belmond hospitals!!! I can never EVER express enough good things to say about either of these places. They are all so kind, caring, and sweet; very one-on-one, attentive to your needs and comfort. I would ALWAYS rather drive further for this kind of care, and my anesthesia guy named DEAN... is a RIOT!!! Never feel nervous when I’m in the hands of these people. Thanks for all you have done for me. You have an AMAZING team!!!!

After correspondence: ABSOLUTELY!!!! I even posted this on a local rant and rave site for local businesses. You guys are all simply amazing, and it’s so nice to know or feel like I have nothing to worry about going to either location. I always feel like I’m in excellent hands and recommend to anyone and everyone who has had to deal with [another healthcare facility] to make the switch. The extra drive time is nothing compared to the excellent care you will get from your people, and you’re not rushed in and out like just a number. You guys just rock- plain and simple. Thank you sooooo much!! The site I posted on is called North Iowa Area Local Business Rant or Rave.....and it has a lot of people who agree with me. :)

-Michele Andersen-Hert

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