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Saved My Life

By Judy

I would like to tell you of my experience at Iowa Specialty Hospital:  
June 10, 2021, I had a medical incident at home having lunch.  I was talking to Ray, my husband and my speech became garbled and he could not understand me.  (this lasted approximately 5 minutes). I had had this incident happen to me twice before and this was the third in three years, where this had happened to me. My husband sat me down and I napped the rest of the afternoon.   He happened to have an appointment with Kristen Davidson 2 days later and insisted I go along with him and explain what had happened to me.  I had gone to the Doctor in the past when this had happened and had tests at Van Diest Medical Clinic in Webster City and gone to a specialist in Des Moines and no one had determined what my problem was or how to correct it.
Kristen listened to our story and said she did not know if she could solve this, but would definitely try.  Within days I was scheduled at Iowa Specialty Hospital in Clarion for an MRI of my brain, and ultrasound of my carotid arteries.   We were treated as if we were the only patients there, and we were important.  There was an emergency the day of my test and we had to wait. We were given lunch for waiting.  THIS NEVER HAPPENED TO US EVER..  We were thanked several times because we allowed this change.  I cannot express how friendly everyone was and how welcome they made us feel.  We had barely left the hospital and were driving south on County K ,  when Kristen called me on the phone and told me my carotid artery was blocked, and thought we had found the problem and that she was scheduling another test and an appointment with Dr Willerth as soon as she could get it arranged.  
This time the test was Iowa Specialty Hospital in Bellmond.  We did not know where we were going in this clinic, but again everyone was so helpful and friendly that we were directed right where we were going.  I was taken back in a short time and was given the test and then directed to the doctor's office.  He explained what the test found and what had to be done.  My artery was 90% blocked, and he instructed me to have surgery no later than 2 weeks, which I did,  on June 18, 2021. I was told that my blockage was worse than even the test showed or the doctor thought, and I am a very lucky person to be alive and well and unscathed by my medical problem. 
We thank Kristen Davidson for we believe she saved my life.  If she had treated me as the doctors I had seen in the past and just brushed it off rather than scheduling the test immediately and finding the problem, I could have had a stroke or died.  I believe Kristen cares for all her patients and treats them all as if they are the only one she has.   
The nurses, doctors, and personnel at Iowa Specialty Hospital & Clinic treat everyone as if they are the only patient they have and they are glad you are there for them to help you.   This is how everyone wants to be treated when you are well or ill and especially if you are ill. 
We want to Thank Everyone at Iowa Specialty Hospital & Clinic, Webster City, Clarion and Belmond, Iowa for the care you gave me.

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