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Nothing But Praise

By Carol

I had torn meniscus surgery on my left knee in Mason City quite a while ago, however,  a couple years later the knee was acting up again. Cortisone shots were no longer relieving the pain and I knew it was time to have the knee replaced. I had been hearing a lot of stories of infection following knee replacement surgery and I knew I didn't want that!  I asked my daughter, an occupational therapist,  where she thought I should go for the surgery and she told me Dr. Emile Li in Clarion!  Even though I live at Osage, IA, I knew a successful surgery was worth driving the distance!

Even though I am a retired teacher, I am still active with 2 part-time jobs. One of my jobs requires me to be on my feet 9-10 hours a day managing a non-profit thrift store. I didn't have time for knee pain and discomfort.  My local doctor made the referral for me to see Dr. Li.  He concurred that a new knee was the answer, but before we could get that set up, I tore the meniscus in my "good" knee!  So, Dr. Li did the meniscus repair on the right knee and then we were waiting for that to heal when COVID hit and delayed the knee replacement for the left knee.  I was finally able to get the left knee replacement scheduled in June 2020.

Surgery went well and I was able to do my therapy in my hometown which made life a lot easier!  The physical therapists that I worked with in Osage were impressed with the quick progress that I was able to make, both in straightening my knee flat and bending the knee, as well as the strength I was able to regenerate.  At my 6 week check-up following the surgery, Dr. Li was also extremely satisfied with my recovery and I was able to go back to work managing the thrift store.  Everyone I came into contact with who knew I had knee replacement  marveled at the rapid recovery that I made from the surgery. 

Only problem I had following the left knee replacement was that my RIGHT knee gave out on me and cortisone shots wouldn't do the trick! Nine months following the 1st knee replacement, March 2021, I had the 2nd knee replacement. Once again I had the surgery in Clarion with Dr. Li and did the therapy in Osage with the same results, full recovery and back to work in 6 weeks! People were completely amazed at the speed and completeness of my recovery.

I have been telling others of my success story with total knee replacement with Dr. Li and sharing his contact information with any who ask.  I joked with Dr. Li's nurse that I should get some compensation for referrals, but I don't need or want a 3rd knee replacement!

Dr Li's staff, as well as the hospital personnel that I have worked with, have all been very friendly, professional, and extremely good at what they do.  I have nothing but praise for the Clarion hospital!

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