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Life Has Changed Dramatically After Sleep Apnea Testing

By Maryls

My life has changed dramatically since being tested and treated for sleep apnea.

I was very skeptical at first, because I didn’t think something like that would help me. I am 75 years old, so I just thought I was wearing out. I had no energy and didn’t want to do anything, but after telling my doctor that I was tired all of the time, he referred me for a sleep study.

I went in for the sleep study, and it turns out, I stopped breathing 45 times per hour which was keeping me from getting a good night’s sleep.

Now I am on Cpap treatment, and last time I was checked, I was down to only three times per hour… and I have so much more energy, it’s unbelievable!

I was really pleased with every aspect of the process. I love Marc (Schlichting)! He is such a sweet guy and so are the gals. They really know what they are doing! I love Iowa Specialty Hospital in Clarion. Everyone there cares about you!

For those who are skeptical: Just go in and have the sleep study done… just to see where you are at. You won’t know how severe your problem is until you get it checked. Sleep has such an effect on your entire life. If you can get even half the relief that I got, that would be amazing!


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