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I was in good hands!

By Lillian

I made the decision after 3 years of holding off knee replacement surgery, to go for it. Injections had worked well until that time. I appreciate Dr. Li allowing me to try injections first to give me more time with my new knee. Now onto the prep, surgery & after care. WOW, I cannot say enough good things about the surgical team, the nurses and other staff at Clarion including PT, dietary, OT etc... (I was in GOOD hands.) Would I do this again -YES. I am presently at the 3 month mark. No more pain meds needed. I have retired my good buddy, the ice machine. Top priority to recovery is the exercise before & after. I recently have started going to a wellness center & using the indoor swimming pool. That really works to loosen the knee.

THANK YOU DR Li for your EXCELLENT expertise!

Lillian M (Ann) Hemmelrick

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