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I Am One of Your Success Stories

By Ruth

Dear Steve,

This letter of recognition is overdue; for that I apologize as time just slips away.  I am writing to tell you what wonderful employees you have working at the Clarion hospital and specialty clinic (I am sure you have an idea of what I am talking about). 

On September 12, 2017, for the second time I entered your emergency entrance to check myself in for surgery.  I was greeted very warmly by registration staff (being very efficient at a job is an art, being caring and friendly comes from your heart).  I then was escorted to lab (the employee I had that morning knew just what I needed to reduce my fears/concerns); she carried on a friendly conversation from her heart, talking on how she liked doing what she is doing and she is good at drawing blood, very professional. Then I was escorted to my room to get settled in for surgery, again two staff members, friendly, professional, and knowing what they needed to do to have me ready for surgery; it’s called teamwork (just in case you don’t know this; I know what teamwork is and how it benefits the patient). I had the surgical team come to my room to keep me posted of when I was to go back for surgery, make sure permits were signed, and if I had any further questions or concerns.  

I had a great surgical team who took care of me during my surgery making it a success.  The anesthesiologist I had that morning went above and beyond to make sure when I came out of surgery I would not have the pain I had with my first hip surgery.  He challenged medicine, he asked questions about my morphine allergy, to give me the best post op recovery as possible, which he was successful at.  I don’t remember much of recovery, but I know I was taken care of.  Then I woke up in my room, comfortable with my family at my bedside, and staff ready to take care of me. 

Your hospital is very clean; staff friendly, helpful; nursing staff answer call lights promptly, safety is important to staff (good handwashing done).  One area that really impressed me is that I was not eating very well.  The dietary staff would bring in my tray, and they knew that I was not taking food or fluids well. So they went the extra mile and asked me what they could get me from the kitchen so that I was taking in food and fluid; again impressive.

Well my surgeon, Dr. Li, and his assistant, Matt, I can’t say enough praise for their specialty of orthopedics, their professional caring, and taking pride in their work.  The Specialty Orthopedic Clinic is a wonderful asset to the Clarion hospital.  The joint class with Alison and Brooke set patients up for being successful; they are caring, have passion for what they are doing, and do it well, as well as it continues with your Physical Therapy Department.  Dr. Li’s nurse, Shawna, is a compassionate, caring individual.  I had staff step in my room to see how I was doing, like Nicole from the specialty clinic.  Now that is caring; she is friendly and warm.  I had Ben, who explained the benefits of a joint injection for some of my cares.  He is caring, professional, and did a great job with the injection, which gave me some more time to prepare for my hip needing to be replaced. 

My nurse and provider I had at the medical clinic for my physical was friendly, professional, and made sure to answer any questions or concerns I may have had.  I am one of your success stories of how teamwork, being caring, compassionate staff, helps your customers be successful. I apologize for not being able to name all the names of who I have come in contact with, who have made a difference in my hospital stay. Perhaps you could make sure your staff somehow gets recognized for the great work they are doing. 

You are captain of a great team, Steve.  Continue to keep employee satisfaction your priority because then in return your patients get some of the best care; I have learned over the years of working at one place for 43 years. If you appreciate (respect) your staff, your staff will appreciate (respect) you.  The best advertisement is by word of mouth. 
Take care and God bless you all at Clarion hospital and clinics.

Ruth T.

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