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Grateful for Dr. Li

By Linda

Testimonial is from Linda Pingel of Fort Dodge - April 5, 2016.

When did you have knee replacement surgery?
    I had both knees replaced in 2003 by Dr. Li.

How was life before knee replacement surgery?
    It was awful. I was in so much pain. At work I couldn’t even take breaks because it was just too far to walk to the breakroom.  

How did you know it was time to do something about your knees?
    I went to see about pain injections, but found out that my arthritis had basically eaten way my kneecap.  There was truly no kneecap left, and so I had surgery right away.

What was life like after knee replacement surgery?
    I had both knees done at the same time, which they don’t recommend now, I believe.  So initial I had some pain and needed to go to a nursing home for two weeks for therapy, but after healing, I had no pain.  I was able to do things I hadn’t done in a long time.

What would you say about Dr. Li?
    Dr. Li is wonderful, compassionate, listens to you, and seems to enjoy life.  I’m so glad he went to medical school so he could fix my knees. 

How are you doing currently?
    Great!  Recently, Dr. Li performed x-rays on my knees to see how they were holding up. He said they are still perfect after 13 years.

You had your surgery with Dr. Li at another hospital because our orthopedic program did not exist at the time.  Have you had experience with Iowa Specialty Hospital?
    Yes, I have a family member who has had knee replacement surgery at Iowa Specialty Hospital.  I would definitely recommend both Dr. Li and Iowa Specialty Hospital to anyone.

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