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Felt More Like a Vacation Than Surgery

By Sandy

I have worked with the very best at Mayo Clinic, but I will tell you that this hospital in Belmond was right up there with Mayo. Your employees are sincere and very caring. I was taken care of like I was the only patient. Dr. Gabrielson's staff was always on call, and I could call them about anything with a quick response no matter what came up... and believe me, I had plenty happen. My nurses were top notch! Everyone of them had great compassion and they sat with me and explained things and helped me get over some pretty tough areas of my care. Even the dietitian and housekeeper were just as caring and compassionate. I was most impressed by the Admin. of the hospital. She stopped by to make sure I was getting excellent care. She wanted to know if there was anything special that I needed or if she could assist with any questions. Wow! How many hospitals do that? I have nothing but GREAT things to say and believe me I have promoted this hospital to anyone I know. Felt more like a vacation than surgery!!

Sandy N.

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