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Every staff person that crossed my health care path was responsive, supporting, and competent.

By Brad K.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my feedback regarding services I received at Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics (ISHC).

Background: I was scheduled for knee replacement surgery in October of 2023.  However, due to a drop in my blood pressure, the surgery was canceled and I was admitted to the hospital for overnight observation. Following this overnight stay, I came back in for my knee replacement the following week, which was successful.

Being blessed with a lifetime of good health, having to be rushed to the ER, given an IV and then admitted for testing/observation, I was medically vulnerable for the first time in my life.

I want you to know that every staff person that crossed my healthcare path was responsive, supportive, and competent, so key to my medical and psychological needs.

The ER nurse and doctor, the floor nurses, the hospitalist, my surgeon, my anesthesiologist, the surgical nurses...all performed their duties at a "WOW" level.  I would also include the admission staff and housekeeping, who kept my room clean and even asked me if I needed anything else. I would recommend all of them for recognition!


ER Room: Not sure of the doctor & nurse's names, but they were stellar.


Hospital Ward: (Fun observation) My floor nurses included: Ann (RN), Jane (CNA), Zemiah (CNA), Casey (RN), Jessica (RN)*, Nila (RN), Josh (RN), Yuri (echocardiogram), and Tanya (Hospitalist).

* Jessica B., the third shift nurse, had a fantastic attitude, despite the late hour (and my worn-out temperament). She made my "vitals" and IV changes almost enjoyable! She was the cherry on top of the sundae!


Operating Room: My nurses (Kristy, Nikki, Lynette, Jesse, Natalie, and Amanda) were super attentive & supportive, making the process as comfortable as possible. (Pre-op and post-op)

My anesthesiologist (Dr. Li) kept things "light" and I can't remember a thing after he put me under.

I can't say enough about my surgeon, Dr. Kakade. He has been taking care of me and my knee for several years, and I am glad that I was in his capable hands.


I am sorry if I left anyone out, but wanted to share my feedback with you as I continue to go through my rehabilitation.

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