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Celleration Mist Therapy Heals 4 Year Old Wound in 3 Months

By Dennis

Procedure:  Celleration Mist Therapy
Procedure Dates:  October 2016 – January 2017
Procedure Location:  Clarion

1. Before your procedure, what medical conditions were you suffering from?   I had an ulceration on my left ankle that was open for over 4 years.

2. Since your procedure, in which conditions have you seen a change?   In 3 months, my wound was fully healed.  From the first treatment to the last, there was consistent improvement and never took a step backwards.

3. What made you decide to have the procedure?   Janet Disney suggested the treatment and she went to the people in charge and was able to get the machine.

4. Besides the external changes you have experienced, how has the procedure altered your outlook on life and your relationships?   At its worst, I was spending 6 hours a day changing bandages and cleaning the wound.  There was a lot of pain.  I can now wear regular socks and shoes.

5. What kinds of things are you able to do now that before the procedure were difficult or impossible?   I can walk better, less pain, no expenses for bandages.  I can sleep on my side with my ankle on the bed instead of having it hang off the end of the bed.

6. What do you wish you’d known before the procedure?   I wish I would have known about this 15 years ago.  It’s painless and very effective.

7. What would you say about your doctor and/or their staff?    Phenomenal.  After 15 plus years of suffering and never making much progress, I am so blessed by everyone’s help and dedication.

8. What would you tell someone who was considering the procedure?   I would tell them to go for it.  No pain.  They’ll never regret it.

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