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The staff at Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics works very hard to provide our patients with a high level of medical expertise and services. We strive to achieve ultimate patient satisfaction in all that we do. We love to hear our patients' stories, because it means that we are providing exceptional service! Read our patient testimonials below to see what our patients are saying about us.



Thank you for all of your support...

Mike R.

I appreciate the wonderful care...

Val A

I appreciate people like her that take the time to make a patient feel better.

Jordan L

Caleb Aswegen is an awesome doctor.

Kelly & Haleigh

Listen as Sam Urness shares his emotional story of a broken leg that left him wondering if he would ever play basketball again and how his journey brought him to Iowa Specialty Hospital.

Sam Urness

Thank you for all that you do to help our families!

Susan & Shellie

I was in the clinic for a follow up on a mammogram. They saw spots and wanted to check it out further. 

Carrie I.

Ben made me the happiest girl alive and gave me a cortisone shot that day.  

Andrea S.

I am writing to tell you what wonderful employees you have working at the Clarion hospital and specialty clinic.

Ruth T.

I'm very grateful for the time they took and going above and beyond...

Megan T.

Hear why Brenda made the decision to have total right knee replacement with Orthopedic Specialists at Iowa Specialty Hospital in Clarion and how she is now able to do things she hasn't been able to do in years!

Brenda Kay Senne

Thank you for having the best of the best in all areas!


Hear what Lyle Christensen, a semi-retired farmer from Eagle Grove, IA, has to say about his experience with Orthopedic Specialists provider, Dr. Emile Li, and having knee, hip, and shoulder replacements done at Iowa Specialty Hospital.

Lyle Christensen

The replacement process at Iowa Specialty is so complete that I would highly recommend the department...

Jan Jaqua

I had an ulceration on my left ankle that was open for over 4 years.  In 3 months, my wound was fully healed.  From the first treatment to the last, there was consistent improvement and never took a step backwards.

Dennis Welsh

Don’t wait!  You can be helped. Joint replacement surgery can change your life when all else fails!

Ida Eekhoff

Thank you for making sure I had what I needed to feel ok with the surgery.


I cannot express with words the extraordinary care my dad has received.

Tanja Jensen

I highly recommend Dr. Gautam Kakade and the staff at the Clarion Specialty Hospital.

Paul D. Hauser

The hospital at Clarion couldn't have been nicer, and Dr. Li did a bang up job.  My scar on the right knee is straighter than the scar on my left. The physical therapy people didn't allow you to wimp out. 

Ruth Bennett

I cannot say enough good things about the surgical team, the nurses and other staff at Clarion.

Lillian M (Ann) Hemmelrick

I am so pleased with the results and can not say enough good things about Dr. Kakade and his staff.

Larry Snyder

I would just like to take the opportunity to share what excellent care we received in the Belmond ER and hospital.

Tanja Jensen

Dr. Li is wonderful, compassionate, listens to you, and seems to enjoy life.

Linda Pingel

We will be returning to Iowa Specialty Hospital for our next child if God blesses us with that opportunity.

Amy & Ross Eiden

"Scott Schulte ALWAYS has a smile..."

Pharmacy Guest

We were blessed to find out that one of the very best, Dr. Shelley Wells, is right here at Iowa Specialty Hospital.

Carrol Hill

I greatly appreciated the encouragement, monitoring, guidance and concern the rehab nurses provided.

Pat Kennedy

I would like to thank Trish and Emily for all the help I received after I had three stents placed in my heart.

Harlan B. Frakes

I am very pleased with the care I get, and I tell everyone.


We were extremely impressed with our experience at ISH.   

Tracy T.

Not 1 person left my husband’s room without asking if we needed anything. 

Wife of Patient

I cannot rave about Dr. Griffith enough! 

Tiffini T.

...Dr. Brindle's nursing staff just gets nicer and nicer. 

Ruth Aldrich

A guest staying in room 1 stopped at the nurses’ station to compliment the EVS crew on the cleanliness of the facility. 

Guest in Room 1

Julie is a phenomenal nurse who gives 100 % every day!! Iowa Specialty is very lucky to have her on staff.

Tanja Jensen

Everything was a 15 on a scale of 1-10. I have never been in a hospital that seemed to care as much as they do. 

Becky C.

Thanks again you to and the wonderful staff at The Meadows Assisted Living.  

Meadows Assisted Living Family Member

Clarion is the best hospital I have ever been a patient at. 

Paula D.

HUGE HUGE shout out to all the staff at both the Clarion and Belmond hospitals!!! I can never EVER express enough good things to say about either of these places. 

Michele Andersen-Hert

For the most part, people are just really wanting to know if it was worth it, and I can tell you for me it DEFINITELY was. It's like I was reborn again on that day, so July 21st, 2014 is my birthday now. It's when my new life started.

Steve Simonin

I could not have asked for a better hospital to have my knee surgery at!

Press Ganey Survey Mention

My son had surgery on his foot today with Dr. Phil Greenfield. Everyone was very accommodating. I have absolutely no complaints and would recommend your hospital to anyone and everyone I know. 

Tiffany Krieger

I just appreciate the communication, medical and professional skills, and the friendliness.  The staff is attentive to our needs, and Dr. Kakade is easy to work with…he is a very special guy.

Ray Neswold

I would like to thank Iowa Specialty Hospital for all the wonderful care my husband and I received for the weeks he was under your care.

Shirley T.

I was taken care of like I was the only patient. I have nothing but GREAT things to say and believe me I have promoted this hospital to anyone I know. Felt more like a vacation than surgery!!

Sandy N.

What a wonderful staff that cares for the residents at Assisted Living. 


I know this isn’t a hotel, but the staff definitely tries to make it appear that way.

Daughter of Inpatient

Our family knows and appreciates the professionalism of the Iowa Specialty Hospital medical staff and all those who support them...

Karen Weld

I worked with all of the amazing therapists they have at Iowa Specialty Hospital in Clarion. They are the best! 


[All of my guests] are just so impressed with how nice this is and how friendly everybody is and how helpful...

Marcella Kressin

My dad has been in the hospital here for a week now and WOW what a great hospital we have! 


I really believe I had a “WOW” experience at Iowa Specialty Hospital! 

Orthopedic Patient

I've had lots of surgeries in lots of hospitals over the years, and you blow them away...

Bob Phillips

Iowa Specialty Hospital in Belmond has gone above and beyond what is expected of a hospital. I KNOW! I WORK IN ONE! I can only hope we treat our patients as well as you do!

A Grateful Son

My life has changed dramatically since being tested and treated for sleep apnea...


Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful, but two knees without pain sure helps.


I would recommend Iowa Specialty Hospital to anyone needing care. Thanks for everything!

Orthopedic Patient

I was impressed by everything I had heard and did my homework on both the hospital and the staff. I could not have been more impressed or confident I had made the right decision to make the drive to this facility. 


Your group was positive, professional, and friendly. 


All of you are special and need to know how much we appreciate what you all did for our mother and all of us.

Patient's Family Member

You made a difficult time as easy and pleasant as you could. Thank you for everything you do, and most of all, for the helpful and welcoming attitude each and every one of you brings to your work.

The Family of Virginia

Just a note to say thanks to your staff at Clarion. I would like to send my thanks to the great staff for the excellent care while I was a patient there. 


Couldn’t have been a better experience.


The minute I walked in, everyone was so helpful and pleasant.  


You all work so hard to make life special for the residents and their families.  


I cannot begin to thank all of you for your patience, visits, smiles, walks outside, encouraging words and just plain friendliness.  


Through your wonderful care, I am, really on the mend. I am feeling better than I have in 3 months...

Norma Jeanne

I can truly say you are a level 5.  If you continue to show the level of care I received, you will remain a level 5 facility. 


The quality of care and compassion show by your nursing staff is by far the best I have ever experienced.  


In our world too often this kind of professionalism is taken for granted, and I just did not want the opportunity to show my appreciation to slip by.  Please extend my sincerest gratitude to everyone involved.  

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