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The staff at Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics works very hard to provide our patients with a high level of medical expertise and services. We strive to achieve ultimate patient satisfaction in all that we do. We love to hear our patients' stories, because it means that we are providing exceptional service! Read our patient testimonials below to see what our patients are saying about us.



Lisa Daisy in PT is amazing and a huge asset to ISH!

Carrie C.

All nurses/staff were 100% nice and glad I was there!

Patsy S.

I was impressed with my whole experience with my surgery with ISH.

Dennis C.

I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort with both of my birth experiences at ISH.

Taylor N.

I had a total knee replacement surgery recently, and I received a note with all the caregivers' names.

These people were excellent in helping me in various ways - I'm thanking them now and stating how grateful I am for their kindness.

Janine P.

This was my best visit ever at the Rockwell Clinic!  While I have struggled for years with trust factors, I felt I was able to open up about my concerns and not be judged and was treated very much with respect!!!!

I had the best appointment I have had in years, thanks to Alicia O'Neill and the Rockwell Clinic!!

I love that the time was taken by Alicia O'Neill to listen to all my concerns. I was treated like a human being and never felt I was being rushed through like an assembly line.

Top-notch care from Alicia O'Neill and the Rockwell Clinic!

Alicia O'Neill was very attentive and answered all of my questions thoroughly.

I can't think of anything more that you could've done!

Sonja H.

I had a great experience during my whole hospital stay.  It took a few people to get my IV in, and Tioni came in to assist with a great attitude, helping me to stay positive.

Carrie K.

I don't think I can find one thing to change or improve on - everything was perfect!

Doris H.

Every staff person that crossed my health care path was responsive, supporting, and competent.

Brad K.

Angels - yes there are angels on earth.  I know - I met them at the hospital in Clarion, Iowa.

June J.

Dr. Emile Li and Dr. Andrew Odland are "the best of the best"!

Michele J.

I'd recommend my family and friends to this great team!

Jennifer A.

The experience with Iowa Specialty Hospitals has been great. I feel I would not have had this quality of care at other clinics or hospitals. Dr. Odland explained procedures and my status to me, and I feel I had expert hands-on care. The hospital and Dr. Odland's staff were exceptional initially with getting me scheduled and then making sure I had the best experience possible.

I knew I made the right decision to have surgery at this facility!  Dr Li is an outstanding doctor who reassured me of his abilities from day one. It’s been a full week now, and I am doing well with little to no pain, which validates his outstanding abilities!!!!!  I can’t say enough positive things about this team, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for the care I received!

Dr. Gabrielson is the absolute best doctor!  He did a fantastic job and got right to the issue, no nonsense. When I was in surgery, my nurse was Nikki (she was also my nurse with my previous C-section).  She is SO KIND AND CARING!! I don’t think I could have made it through either surgery without her there!  She keeps you informed each step of the way, and keeps the room feeling calm. Between her and Dr. Gabrielson, there’s 1000% certainty you’re in the best hands possible!!


Jessica S.

Between nurse, Nikki, and Dr. Gabrielson, there’s 1000% certainty you’re in the best hands possible!!

Everything that needed to be done for me was accomplished. I received excellent care at your hospital. Everyone who I came into contact with was very professional and supportive. Dr. Odland is amazing. Nurse Kristy was outstanding as well. Surgery team was amazing! I received fantastic care!

Stephanie .

We would like for you share how pleased and how just in awe we are over my wife's care. I have worked in the service industry my entire life as an EMT and in law enforcement, and I wanted to be sure to pass along my 'wow experience'.

We have been to other larger hospital systems, and while those visits have all been great, the prevailing attitude here at ISH is so fantastic. Everyone we encounter is so involved - Clarion, Belmond - everyone is so thorough and has great attitudes and excellent level of care.  We can tell it's not just a job, that everyone genuinely cares.

We have a lot of friends where we live, and every one of them talks about how wonderful it is at Iowa Specialty, particularly in Clarion, Belmond, and Garner.

Anonymous - inpatient's husband

I will forever seek the services of Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics when necessary and continue to brag to everyone about the care I received.  Thank you to everyone so much for every part you each played in this process.  

Ali M.

I was so nervous, walking into my first ever mammogram and knowing absolutely nothing other than horror stories from older people. Ania Renteria, ISH Radiologic Technologist, sensed my nervousness. She immediately began to comfort me and make me laugh. She made all of my nervousness fade away and talked to me like I was a human being. I felt like I left and we were friends. She walked me to my next appointment, and I proceeded to tell everyone how amazing she was.  Each person I interacted with after told me a story about how amazing Ania is, how kind she is, how she's worked at the hospital for so long, how she touches so many people. She truly was amazing, kind, calmed my nerves, and made my day all around a better day. 

Treasa B.

I'm really happy with Kasie (Christensen, ARNP). She explained things I wasn't understanding from my previous provider. I felt like she was listening, and I'm so glad she spent time with me. I love MyChart, too. It makes me feel more connected.

Emily D.

I felt like family and not just a patient.

Desiree G.

I am a nurse of 16 years, and the care I received at the Belmond hospital was top notch!

Mallory A.

Everything went well. Dr. Etnier is on top of it!

Catherine M.

The help here are all so great! So helpful & knowledgeable.


My nurse Heather S. and one of her coworkers were exceptional.

Nick H.

Belmond hospital is by far the most caring team of staff!

Lisa G.

The people who work here are a “WOW”!

Hospital Patient

Alicia was very attentive and gave me all the time that I needed. 

Michele H.

They rocked it!!  Thank you!

My nurse, Heather Smith, and one of her co-workers were exceptional in their efforts to make me as comfortable as possible.

Nick H.

I had a wonderful experience at Iowa Specialty Hospital.

Lindsey P.

Dr. Kakade is a wonderful doctor. He does a super super job!

We can't thank you enough for making our first labor & delivery experience so smooth and reassuring.

OB patient

I highly recommend Dr. Nelson to anyone who has back/spine issues.

Press Ganey comment

I do not have words to express how happy I am with the care I received.

Jacky F.

We are very thankful for ISH & the quality doctors and teams.

David & Kaylee D.

Whenever I've been in the hospital, I was always treated with great care.


I am glad to have met Dr. Nelson and to have had him as my surgeon for my surgery and back issues.

Press Ganey Comment

Dr. Ahrendsen - You have been a pivotal person in our lives for many years. Thank you for all you do.  

Rebecca O

Please recognize all the great staff and providers at your Belmond facility as they provided the best experience I have had to date!


I'm able to walk without pain for the first time in 50 years.

Tom Harvey

My stay there was amazing. All the staff was great. 


I can't emphasize enough what a great organization you have there.


Your quick actions and skills SAVED my life!  Take pride in the knowledge that your actions undoubtedly have a HUGE impact on the lives of others.


Everyone was so kind and gentle with me during my stay.


Every service and point of care that we received was phenomenal!


Special thanks to Dr. Ahrendsen  for all his advice, medical treatment, straight answers, quick replies to questions via MyChart, and so much more.


Thank you to the staff of Iowa Specialty Hospital for giving me my quality of life back.


I can't thank you all enough for the amazing care I received while inpatient.


Iowa Specialty Hospital staff were awesome and explained everything to us.


I can't think of anything that ISH could have done better to provide more of a "Wow" experience.

This was my 3rd surgery at ISH - 2 at Clarion and 1 at Belmond.  Great staff at both!


Everything went off according to plan. I feel I had the "wow" experience.


Thank you to Dr. Odland and his surgical team for the successful surgery they performed on my knee replacement. I have nothing but admiration for this team and the hospital. Thanks to all and keep up the good work. This hospital is top notch and will recommend ISH to anyone.


Dr. Li was kind, and the staff was very helpful.


The Iowa Specialty Hospital Cardiac Rehab program has been a tremendous help to me!  I would highly recommend it to anyone recovering from a cardiac event.


Reinforces that Iowa Specialty is both a great place to work, but also where I would want any one that I know to receive care.


I continually sing the praises of Dr. Andrew Odland and all the medical staff at Iowa Specialty Hospital in Clarion.

Carol Ann

As far as I'm concerned, I had a "Wow" experience for the exceptional care that I was given both times I was at this hospital.


It's been a "Wow" experience both times!  Amazing staff, communication, and patient care from the moment we entered until time of discharges.


“I can honestly say this was been the best Hospital experience I have ever had in my life time. The staff didn’t treat me like another patient but like family.” Manuel continued.

Dr. Palit is the best…he is caring, explains everything so that you understand


I will recommend your hospital to others. Really glad to know there is a good place for health care in our community.

Eric S.

All of the nurses and CNAs that helped me during my surgery and hospital stay were amazing! 


The best experience I've had yet! The nurses were all wonderful!


The staff was outstanding!  I also want to thank Dr. Nelson as for weeks prior, other health care providers really didn't listen to how much pain I was in.

Press Ganey Comment

The nurses were very helpful and explained aftercare perfectly!  I refer EVERYONE here. It's so worth it. 


The best experience I've had yet!  The nurses were all wonderful!


The team and the nurses who delivered my daughter, rocked it. I honestly feel like switching where I choose to see a doctor was the best decision.


I really can’t say enough good things about your staff!


It has made my life easier and has made me feel much better.


Dr. Odland explained the procedure and had a surgery date for me that same day. I was so impressed and said let's get this done so I can walk again.


We thank Kristen Davidson for we believe she saved my life.


I continue to tell others of the wonderful care prior to, during and after my knee replacement.


I have nothing but praise for the Clarion hospital!


Our family cannot send enough praise to Dr Caleb Aswegen. We also love his nurse Tricia!


Once I entered Clarion's delivery ward, I knew this was the best choice we made!


i really feel like Dr. Aswegen is the answer to Belmond's prayers for a GREAT pediatrician.


Dr. Andrew Odland was very caring and took time to communicate.


I just have to say that all of Dr. Emile Li's staff was such a pleasure to work with.


Every single person I interacted with was gracious, professional, compassionate, caring, and kind!


Dennis Day had joint replacement surgery with Dr. Emile Li in August of 2018. In his own words, he shares about his journey before and after surgery including how much his life has improved.


My kids absolutely love going to Dr. Caleb. He is an amazing doctor!


On the car ride home, Adam asked us to shut the window because a semi was too loud.  We then realized to what extent he couldn't hear before surgery. 

Press Ganey Survey Mention

Here I was asked more in depth questions regarding my health and the symptoms I was having than previously.

Press Ganey Survey Mention

I am a question person and he never fails to listen.

Press Ganey Survey Mention

From arrival to departure, everyone was pleasant, courteous & professional.  I was very happy with Dr. Odland's care!  He gave complete explanations & took time to answer all my & my wife's questions about my diagnosis & upcoming surgery.

Press Ganey Survey Mention

We were all very impressed with the organized care and your very good system.

Orthopedic Surgical Patient

Everyone that I came in contact with on ALL of my visits have always been very nice and welcoming.

Orthopedic Surgical Patient

The best hospital in the State of Iowa.

Press Ganey Survey Mention

I cannot believe how happy and helpful everyone is!

Press Ganey Survey Mention

I prefer to travel the extra distance (about 50 miles each way) than see Mason City doctors.

Press Ganey Survey Mention

They go above and beyond to make you comfortable.


I look forward to being able to participate in so many more activities this spring and summer.


I appreciate the wonderful care and job all of you did for me when I had knee replacement surgery.


I appreciate people like her that take the time to make a patient feel better.


Caleb Aswegen is an awesome doctor.

Kelly & Haleigh

Thank you for all that you do to help our families!

Susan & Shellie

Ben made me the happiest girl alive and gave me a cortisone shot that day.  


I was in the clinic for a follow up on a mammogram. They saw spots and wanted to check it out further. 


Listen as Sam Urness shares his emotional story of a broken leg that left him wondering if he would ever play basketball again and how his journey brought him to Iowa Specialty Hospital.

Sam Urness

I am writing to tell you what wonderful employees you have working at the Clarion hospital and specialty clinic.


I'm very grateful for the time they took and going above and beyond...


Thank you for having the best of the best in all areas!


Hear what Lyle Christensen, a semi-retired farmer from Eagle Grove, IA, has to say about his experience with Orthopedic Specialists provider, Dr. Emile Li, and having knee, hip, and shoulder replacements done at Iowa Specialty Hospital.

Lyle Christensen

Hear why Brenda made the decision to have total right knee replacement with Orthopedic Specialists at Iowa Specialty Hospital in Clarion and how she is now able to do things she hasn't been able to do in years!

Brenda Kay Senne

The replacement process at Iowa Specialty is so complete that I would highly recommend the department...


We were blessed to find out that one of the very best, Dr. Shelley Wells, is right here at Iowa Specialty Hospital.


From the first treatment to the last, there was consistent improvement and never took a step backwards.


Don’t wait!  You can be helped. Joint replacement surgery can change your life when all else fails!


Thank you for making sure I had what I needed to feel ok with the surgery.


I cannot express with words the extraordinary care my dad has received.


I highly recommend Dr. Gautam Kakade and the staff at the Clarion Specialty Hospital.


The hospital at Clarion couldn't have been nicer, and Dr. Li did a bang up job.  My scar on the right knee is straighter than the scar on my left. The physical therapy people didn't allow you to wimp out. 


I cannot say enough good things about the surgical team, the nurses and other staff at Clarion.


I am so pleased with the results and can not say enough good things about Dr. Kakade and his staff.


I would just like to take the opportunity to share what excellent care we received in the Belmond ER and hospital.


Dr. Li is wonderful, compassionate, listens to you, and seems to enjoy life.


We will be returning to Iowa Specialty Hospital for our next child if God blesses us with that opportunity.

Amy & Ross

"Scott Schulte ALWAYS has a smile..."

Pharmacy Guest

...Dr. Brindle's nursing staff just gets nicer and nicer. 


I greatly appreciated the encouragement, monitoring, guidance and concern the rehab nurses provided.


I would like to thank Trish and Emily for all the help I received after I had three stents placed in my heart.


I am very pleased with the care I get, and I tell everyone.


We were extremely impressed with our experience at ISH.   


Not 1 person left my husband’s room without asking if we needed anything. 

Wife of Patient

I cannot rave about Dr. Griffith enough! 


Clarion is the best hospital I have ever been a patient at. 


A guest staying in room 1 stopped at the nurses’ station to compliment the EVS crew on the cleanliness of the facility. 

Guest in Room 1

Julie is a phenomenal nurse who gives 100 % every day!! Iowa Specialty is very lucky to have her on staff.


Everything was a 15 on a scale of 1-10. I have never been in a hospital that seemed to care as much as they do. 


Thanks again you to and the wonderful staff at The Meadows Assisted Living.  

Meadows Assisted Living Family Member

I could not have asked for a better hospital to have my knee surgery at!

Press Ganey Survey Mention

HUGE HUGE shout out to all the staff at both the Clarion and Belmond hospitals!!!


For the most part, people are just really wanting to know if it was worth it, and I can tell you for me it DEFINITELY was.

Steve Simonin

I would recommend your hospital to anyone and everyone I know. 


The staff is attentive to our needs, and Dr. Kakade is easy to work with…he is a very special guy.


I would like to thank Iowa Specialty Hospital for all the wonderful care my husband and I received for the weeks he was under your care.


I was taken care of like I was the only patient. I have nothing but GREAT things to say and believe me I have promoted this hospital to anyone I know. Felt more like a vacation than surgery!!


What a wonderful staff that cares for the residents at Assisted Living. 


I know this isn’t a hotel, but the staff definitely tries to make it appear that way.

Daughter of Inpatient

Our family knows and appreciates the professionalism of the Iowa Specialty Hospital medical staff and all those who support them...


I worked with all of the amazing therapists they have at Iowa Specialty Hospital in Clarion. They are the best! 


[All of my guests] are just so impressed with how nice this is and how friendly everybody is and how helpful...


My dad has been in the hospital here for a week now and WOW what a great hospital we have! 


I really believe I had a “WOW” experience at Iowa Specialty Hospital! 

Orthopedic Patient

I've had lots of surgeries in lots of hospitals over the years, and you blow them away...


Iowa Specialty Hospital in Belmond has gone above and beyond what is expected of a hospital. I KNOW! I WORK IN ONE! I can only hope we treat our patients as well as you do!

A Grateful Son

My life has changed dramatically since being tested and treated for sleep apnea...


Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful, but two knees without pain sure helps.


I would recommend Iowa Specialty Hospital to anyone needing care. Thanks for everything!

Orthopedic Patient

Your group was positive, professional, and friendly. 


I was impressed by everything I had heard and did my homework on both the hospital and the staff. I could not have been more impressed or confident I had made the right decision to make the drive to this facility. 


All of you are special and need to know how much we appreciate what you all did for our mother and all of us.

Patient's Family Member

You made a difficult time as easy and pleasant as you could. Thank you for everything you do, and most of all, for the helpful and welcoming attitude each and every one of you brings to your work.

The Family of Virginia

Just a note to say thanks to your staff at Clarion. I would like to send my thanks to the great staff for the excellent care while I was a patient there. 


The minute I walked in, everyone was so helpful and pleasant.  


You all work so hard to make life special for the residents and their families.  


I cannot begin to thank all of you for your patience, visits, smiles, walks outside, encouraging words and just plain friendliness.  


Through your wonderful care, I am, really on the mend. I am feeling better than I have in 3 months...


I can truly say you are a level 5.  If you continue to show the level of care I received, you will remain a level 5 facility. 


The quality of care and compassion show by your nursing staff is by far the best I have ever experienced.  


In our world too often this kind of professionalism is taken for granted, and I just did not want the opportunity to show my appreciation to slip by.  Please extend my sincerest gratitude to everyone involved.  

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