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Natalie Boyd

Natalie Boyd

On June 10, 2022, my daughter, Mila, and I brought my mom over to the Belmond outpatient surgery center for a scope. My mom had Natalie Boyd as her nurse and told her about my daughter coming over in 2 weeks to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. Natalie took exceptional care of my mom, all while explaining things to my daughter to prepare her and ease her worries about her upcoming surgery! Natalie took her on a little HIPAA friendly tour of the OR and recovery room, explained the different areas, why she might hear kids crying when they wake up from sedation a little confused, and got her excited about returning for her own procedure! Mila brought her turtle, Pal, and Natalie inserted an IV into his little flipper so Mila could see the process. Even though Natalie wasn't our nurse for Mila's surgery, she came out to the waiting room to get her when we arrived and took her to the room so Mila would be welcomed by a familiar face and voice! She popped her head in to check on her and made Mila feel so special. I cannot thank Natalie enough for the genuine care and effort she took to make sure Mila's first surgery experience was a positive one - it couldn't have been better. 

Natalie treated us like family and went above and beyond to make Mila feel special. You can tell she not only loves nursing, but knows how to love people well. Mila will always remember Nurse Natalie and how she made her FEEL. When you are treated with such care and kindness, it creates a ripple effect. Thank you for making a difference in the world, one tonsillectomy at a time.

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