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Josh Dent - Daisy Award

Josh Dent - Daisy Award

Submission 1: I would like to recognize Josh Dent who went above and beyond recognizing that this family member of a patient needed to be seen and strongly encouraging them to do so. The skill of this nurse to not only be taking care of the patient, but actively listening to the family member’s personal discomfort. With that early recognition, he most likely saved a life, which cannot be minimized. This person is from Illinois and was at our Clarion facility visiting her mother who was a patient. She was reporting indigestion to Josh, who suggested that she should be seen in the Clarion ER. Once in the ER it was quickly identified that she was having a heart attack. Our AMAZING team at ISH was able to quickly provide life saving care and get her transferred appropriately to a higher level of care. I am proud to have Josh as my team member. 

Submission 2: Awesome care - Josh Dent gave me!  Always came in with a smile and a great attitude making sure my pain was under control and explained everything about the surgery making sure my family was filled in on all details when I’m at home. This is my first experience with Iowa Specialty Hospital, and I’m totally blown away by what great doctors and nurses I had when I was in the hospital. I had a lot of great nurses. I wish I could pick all of them that I was in contact with because they were all pretty awesome. From minute when I walked in the hospital to when I walked out the facility, the compassion they gave me was awesome!!!

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