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Jennifer Mewes - Daisy Award

Jennifer Mewes - Daisy Award

Submission 1: As I approach my 16th year in this profession I've had the opportunity to reflect on the various places I've worked, and the people I've met along the way. From my first encounter with Jenn, it was very clear that she is, quite simply, a lighthouse. She is a point of reference, a mentor, a cheerleader, a teacher, and an invaluable source of hard-won knowledge. She is also an integral thread in the material that makes up this hospital and this community. Can Jenn tell you the number of babies she's rocked, or hands she's held, or sunrises she's seen while driving home? Probably not. But if you ask any number of families in the area if they know she is, you'll undoubtedly get a yes.

Submission 2:  During a recent pillar meeting Jenn’s department was crazy with moms and babies.  Everyone would have understood if she needed to miss the meeting in order to care for patients.  Instead, Jenn still hopped on the zoom meeting, but did so while rocking and feeding a newborn.  She stayed engaged during the meeting and even found an opportunity to improve our quality scores with a new workflow within her department. Jenn is constantly going above and beyond normal duties and leading by example!

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