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Sara Abbas

Sara Abbas

Sara Abbas had been my nurse on a few occasions for different visits at Iowa Specialty Clinic before she moved to The Gabrielson Clinic. The first time I was a patient of hers I hadn’t met her before, but I came home and told my husband that I had the best care from a nurse I have ever had. She was very attentive and sweet, and she rubbed my back. A natural caregiver. My husband and I own local funeral homes, and it seemed only fitting that we would turn around and take care of her and her family on different occasions after that.  Sara is the same person in private as she is with her patients. 

I was having some serious health concerns, and I was very nervous to make the phone call for an appointment, but I knew Sara, and all the staff at the Gabrielson Clinic, would care for me in a special way.  I got up the nerve to call for an appointment, and Sara was the one to answer the phone. That was a huge comfort to me to move forward, and because of that and her initial care at my appointment, I had emergency surgery three days later that saved my life. I have my quality of life back.  I am so thankful for all of the providers at Gabrielson Clinic who helped me get healthy and on the road back to myself, but I believe Sara was my angel in many ways, and I’m positive she has been for many others in her career.


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