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DAISY Award Nominations

The following nurses have been nominated for the Daisy Award by their patients or co-workers.

To nominate, an Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics nurse for the Daisy Award, please use the link at right. 


Chris Burke

Chris Burke was his first caregiver and then Chantel Sefcik -  such friendly warm concern. These nurses took such good care of him.

Chantal Sefcik

Chantal Sefcik -  such friendly warm concern. 

Josh Dent

Josh Dent went above and beyond recognizing that this family member of a patient needed to be seen and strongly encouraging them to do so.  With that early recognition, he most likely saved a life, which cannot be minimized.

Leigh Bycroft

Leigh Bycroft has been the most caring and compassionate nurse. Not only did she show her compassion to me as a patient, but also as a person with feelings.

Jesica Mercado

Jesica Mercado was my amazing nurse for the delivery of my daughter. She was attentive to our needs and explained each step of the process which was a huge comfort to my husband and I. Her expertise was amazing. 

Elizabeth Beukema

Elizabeth Beukema has just a wonderful demeanor for a nurse - happy, comforting, competent.


Tricia Polzin

We love Dr. Caleb’s nurse Tricia Polzin! She makes well-checks and appointments so fun and is very quick to address any questions! 

Breeann Vrba

From the moment Breann Vrba brought us back to the pre-op room, she was kind, friendly and reassuring for our daughter.  Thanks so much. I don't think my daughter could have had a better surgical recovery experience.

Elizabeth Beukema

I had a surgical procedure done and  had surgical nurse Elizabeth Beukema. She was so nice and attentive to my needs and kept me informed of the process.  She was the nicest, most caring nurse.

Becky Zigrang

Becky is just amazing! Caring and compassionate. True asset to me and the clinic

Belinda Mosbach

Belinda Mosbach has always been uplifting and helpful even on a busy day. Great, hardworking, delightful person to have known.

Elizabeth Beukema

Elizabeth Beukema was an amazing nurse. She only cared about what was best for me the whole time. She was so gentle, kind, and caring.  

Sarah Hintz

Sarah Hintz made me feel like I had hired a doula. She was so attentive, kind, and helpful.

Amanda Poncin

Amanda Poncin did a wonderful job caring for my husband during his recent surgery.

Kate Roberts

Kate Roberts was my nurse when I had my gallbladder out. She was very kind and did a great job putting in my IV.

Sarah Hintz

Sarah Hintz spent time to get to know me on a personal level and helped me get to know her on a personal level, too. She made me feel very comfortable during my time waiting up to be ready to deliver my baby boy. 

Nikki Jones

Nikki Jones is so compassionate, kind, and very obviously cares about her patients.

Brittney Schafer

Brittney Schafer made a very long and difficult labor much easier to cope with. She  has taken amazing care of my newborn and me since I gave birth. 

Amanda Poncin

Amanda Poncin was so cheerful and helpful. She really stuck out with her performance. We both appreciated her kindness and helpfulness during our time with her.

Kayla Zeien

Kayla Zeien was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.

Rachel Hadwiger

Rachel Hadwiger helped us cope, work and move through every bit of the highs and lows.

Vanessa Smith

We were in the ER and Vaness Smith was extremely helpful along with being a rockstar! She is definitely great at what she does and is very passionate.

BreeAnn Vrba

After surgery, my daughter was having an extremely rough time with the pain and BreeAnn Vrba was extra patient and caring and made sure that Maya was comfortable and that the pain was at a manageable level. Best experience I have ever had at any hospital!

Tricia Polzin

Tricia Polzin is truly amazing and was great with my daughter.

Natalie Boyd

Natalie Boyd really cared about my well-being when I left the hospital.  I just appreciated her so much.

Amanda Poncin

Amanda Poncin was really nice and made me feel very comfortable. I was very nervous about the surgery but she made me feel calm. 

Elizabeth Beukema

My daughter had Elizabeth Beukema as her OP Surgery nurse in Belmond. She put her at ease from the very beginning asking questions about her stuffed animal she brought along.

Toni Schreier

Toni Schreier is always a ray of sunshine in a sea of professionalism!  

Amanda Poncin

Amanda Poncin stayed with me and explained what was happening and kept me calm. We want to thank ALL of the staff for their support during the most scariest time ever!

Christina Stockseth

Christina Stockseth was so helpful and again started explaining what had happened and was very supportive. We want to thank ALL of the staff for their support during the most scariest time ever!

Alyana Young

Alyana Young is Awesome! She is just so sweet and caring.

Natalie Boyd

I usually don't write praises to often, but I was very impressed with my nurse, Natlie Boyd, and her team. I would have to say without a doubt she had to be one of the best nurses I have had the pleasure to have take care of me. Couldn't be happier with my visit and outcome. 

Missy Grell

Missy Grell was amazing - she went above and beyond for us after the birth of our daughter. We developed a great relationship with her. We couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Heather Smith

Heather Smith was amazing when I brought my daughter to the ER with an allergic reaction!  She shared personal stories and similar experiences in an effort to reassure my daughter. I will be forever grateful.  

Nicole Heifner

Nicole Heifner is an excellent nurse. She goes above and beyond to make patients comfortable. She's always been very caring, trustworthy, and respectful to my needs. I feel extremely lucky to have her as my nurse.

Kristen Pedersen

If it wasn't for the amazing experience he had in Cardiac Rehab, I'm confident he would not be as diligent or in tuned to his health. He speaks of Kristen Pedersen and some of the words of wisdom she shared from time to time. She certainly shines bright for us and has left a lasting impression on our Dad!  

Mary Haugen

I would like to nominate Mary Haugen. She has been so caring, loving, and checking on my health.

Kirsten Burke

Thanks to Kirsten Burke being our nurse throughout delivery and follow up made us SO thankful that we chose Iowa Specialty to deliver our baby.  As new parents learning through this whole experience, she was there step by step.

Jesica Mercado

Jesica Mercado was so accommodating and thoughtful with every step of my long labor journey. She was so calm, comforting, and kind our whole stay. I’m so happy I was placed with Nurse Jesi during my labor and delivery journey.

Natalie Boyd

Natalie Boyd put me at ease. She has a great personality, good sense of humor, and was always making sure I was okay. It was great to have her as my nurse.

Athena Berning

On Saturday, I called Athena after needing an assistant for a surgery. She was graciously accepting of coming in to assist the doctor with a laparoscopic procedure even though she wasn't on call and she would be taking time away from her.

Cassady McNichols

Cassady McNichols was always coming back and checking on me. She was also very kind to my daughter. 

BreeAnn Vrba

This was my first time having surgery here and BreeAnn made it very comfortable and enjoyable. Not only was she wonderful to me she was amazing with my daughter as well.

Natalie Boyd

Natalie Boyd is a keeper!!

BreeAnn Vrba

BreeAnn Vrba is very compassionate about her job and does her best to comfort you. 

Leigh Bycroft

Leigh Bycroft as been the most caring, and compassionate nurse.

Samantha Sandvig

Because of Samantha Sandvig, we took home a healthy and happy baby girl.

Jennifer Mewes

Jennifer Mewes is constantly going above and beyond normal duties and leading by example!

Jennifer Mewes

Jennifer Mewes is a point of reference, a mentor, a cheerleader, a teacher, and an integral thread in the material that makes up this hospital.

Vanessa Smith

Vanessa Smith is a cheer leader for our nurses and wants to ensure that they are successful in their role.  She is an asset to our team and the nursing profession.

Natalie Boyd

Natalie Boyd was very sweet and helpful the day I had surgery.

Karin Semans

Karin Semans was such a great support during my labor! I felt that we were in good hands the entire time with her as my nurse! 

Amy Haugland

Amy Haugland made me feel very comfortable.  Very professional and caring.

Natalie Boyd

Natalie Boyd was very kind and very comforting after I had my surgery.

Nikki Thompson

Nikki Thompson was super nice to me when I was having surgery.

Sara Abbas

Sara is one of the most compassionate nurses I have ever met.  She is so sweet and attentive.  She clearly shows how she cares for patients.

Heather Hutchinson

Heather Hutchinson provided great care to a patient I had in MRI.  He was so grateful.

Mandy Wessels

Mandy Wessels kept me calm when I came in. I’m so glad she was my nurse!!

Christina Doyle

Christina Doyle is always putting her patients first, making sure their cares are met!

Miekka Cooper

Miekka Cooper is the highlight of every visit! She goes above and beyond.

Tricia Polzin

Tricia Polzin is one of the best nurses I have ever known. She is caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. 

Angela Wharton

Angela Wharton always listens to your concerns, and she is very motivated and dedicated to to her job.

Sara Abbas

I believe Sara Abbas was my angel in many ways, and I’m positive she has been for many others in her career.

Miekka Cooper

Every time Miekka Cooper was our nurse she was very respectful and nice.

Vaughna Rethman

Vaughna Rethman is a great patient advocate and is always willing to try to figure something out if it will help a patient, even if it’s an issue that is not typically in her wheelhouse.

Alyana Young

Alayna Young takes time to listen to your concerns.

Tricia Polzin

Tricia Polzin always makes us feel so welcome and comfortable even when dealing with tough situations.

Heather Smith

Heather Smith is an invaluable asset and a plethora of knowledge.

Jessica McClelland

Jessica McClelland was very caring and knowledgeable and she deserves the Daisy Award!

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