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Chris Burke - Daisy Award

Chris Burke - Daisy Award

Submission 1: During October, I ended up in the Belmond hospital with Covid, and Chris Burke was my nurse. I was so very sick and had suffered for several days with nausea, chills, headache, body aches, and fever. When Chris came on his shift to care for me, he immediately provided the care I needed, and even through all the PPE including the full hood his calm demeanor made me feel so much calmer. Chris listened compassionately to me and took care of my every need, administered the much needed IV meds, and I began to feel so much better. This was not my first experience under Chris's care..... he had been my nurse once before in the ER in Clarion during my adverse reaction to my Covid vaccination. I remembered how his expert care, as well as he friendly attitude, made me feel like I was in the hands of a professional. So after having Chris care for me while I was in Belmond, I decided it was time that Chris be recognized for his efforts.

At a time when I was suffering Chris was my angel, and I will never forget the care I received from Chris. I cannot thank you enough for all you did for me, sir!

Submission 2: When I was admitted for hip replacement, Chris was preparing me for surgery. His kind demeanor and gentle ways were very reassuring to me. He was always explaining what would be happening and why. I appreciated his kindness and it put me at ease. I didn’t feel rushed with his manor. Chris was my nurse the next day, I again felt his gentleness and comfort as I prepared to go home. Everything was explained to me, and I felt ready and comfortable to care for myself at home. Chris was an excellent caregiver! 

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