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Notes from Our Leaders - Page 80

Enjoy these weekly insights from our Senior Leadership team.

Senior Leaders include: Steve Simonin, President & CEO; Amy McDaniel, Belmond CEO; Cindy Hunter, CQO; Holly Martin, HRO; Greg Polzin, CFO; Regan Swisher, CCO; and Ashley Recknor, Specialty Services Officer.


Notes from Steve

“Then just quit,” Priscilla told me when I said I didn’t want to go to Rotary that fateful night in 1995. “What?” I replied. “If you’re not going to go without an extremely valid reason then you won’t give your 100% to the Rotary Club – and we need committed...
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Notes from Steve

So for half of America, last night signaled defeat (half of those who voted … don’t tell me if you don’t vote*). This usually happens in the second half of a two-term president – people are enraged, and they vote against the president and not usually in favor of a candidate. It was expected...

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