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Enjoy these weekly insights from our Senior Leadership team.

Senior Leaders include: Steve Simonin, President & CEO; Amy McDaniel, Belmond CEO; Beth Carder, CNO; Cindy Hunter, CQO; Holly Martin, HRO; Greg Polzin, CFO; Regan Swisher, CCO; and Ashley Recknor, Specialty Services Officer.


From Ashley's Perspective

This week I had the privilege to travel to a few of our different clinic locations, and while visiting one site a small group of us went to lunch. While we discussed different growth opportunities for that site, we also discussed it being a New Year and if we set...
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Notes from Steve

I said to someone the other day “You be you in ’22!” (… I thought I was so clever. I’m sure someone else had already said it.) Made me think - “you be you”? Basically, follow your own path … claim your mistakes and roll around in them to truly...
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Notes from Steve

There’s this movie with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore called 50 first dates and (spoiler) at the end of the movie she watches a video of how they met every morning because her short-term memory goes away when she sleeps. Then they live happily ever after. Every two weeks for...
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Amy's Reflections

I am really looking forward to 2022! I feel in my soul that it will be a year of transformation and success on a lot of different levels. Now, this may have something to do with the fact that I momentarily lost my mind last week and we are getting...
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