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November 15, 2018

Last week I took a PTO day to head to Cedar Rapids to watch the CGD varsity girls’ volleyball team participate at the state tournament.  What a great opportunity for this team and their coaches.  Although the team did not make it to the next round, they had fun and continued to support each other throughout their matches.  What a great group of girls being led by a great team of coaches who continued to encourage them throughout their games.  The great support by the community of fans that came to cheer them on was outstanding as well.  We are all very fortunate to live in our communities that care so much for each and every one of us and support us at every level in our lives in whatever we are doing.

We are in the midst of fundraising for our co-workers for the 2018 Holiday Hardship Fund, and just like the support I just shared with the high school volleyball team, I am blown away by the support we have for each other here at ISH.  We are truly blessed!!  If you haven’t had the opportunity to give, we still have some opportunities coming up.  Please contact me if you have any questions and continue to watch the Pinnacle for the ways to donate.

The Clarion Auxiliary Pie sale will be the day this article comes out. So please be sure to come to the Clarion location and buy some amazing pies to share with your family over the Thanksgiving Holiday and support another great organization within our facilities.  The sale will be located in the Wildflower hallway starting at 11 a.m.

As I close, during this month of November we have much to be thankful for!!  Below are a couple of pictures to remind you of just a few things…




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