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July 26, 2018

I just got back from vacation with a great group of friends from one of my favorite places, Okoboji, Iowa.  We spent a lot of time boating, relaxing, and laughing. 

I am glad to be back to work, and excited to finish up evaluations and continue on with the next exciting adventure that awaits every single day.  I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.  We have an amazing group of people within this organization, and we are all truly blessed.  I hope everyone has signed up for My Inertia by now and is logging their steps on their Fitbit, Apple Watch, or Garmin.  I am excited to see what challenges that we can have here at ISH to help each other become healthier while having fun at the same time.  Please be sure to share any ideas that you have for fun challenges or activities within your communities that we can all participate in to become healthier.

We are going to be busy at home the next month getting Zach prepared to start his first year of college and preparing for Alec’s senior year of high school.  My emotions are beginning to get the best of me with all of these changes happening with my family, but at the same time I am so excited for my kids to be starting the next chapter of their lives.  

Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

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