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January 14, 2019

We are now two weeks into the New Year and I hope everyone has made their resolutions if this something that you do.  As you heard at the QEM’s our theme for this New Year is Imagine…  My challenge to each of us is to look at something that we can change within our job by using Imagine.  Just because you have always done something one certain way doesn’t mean it is the only way.  Be open to new ideas and opportunities that you think of or that are brought to your attention.  

Here are a list of related words to imagine:  envision, figure, devise, frame, fancy, fantasy, envisage, visualize, create, feature, scheme, image, picture, form, perceive, depict, fantasize, plan, spark, realize

With Imagine and this list we have endless possibilities at ISH and if we are willing to be open to new and different ways of looking at things just “Imagine” how even more awesome we could be.  We all need to have an extra “spark” as we move forward in healthcare as it is constantly changing and we need to “envision” ourselves in a new and innovative way to stay the path.  

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