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April 6, 2020

I have to admit this has been hard for me to decide what I wanted to focus on with my article.  In this unprecedented time that we are all living in we each approach and deal with it in our own way.  There is no right or wrong way and we all need to show grace and kindness to each other more than ever.  We are so fortunate that we live in communities that have bonded together and rose to this situation and collectively worked together as best as we can to work through every day and the challenges that each one presents.

I love at night when I go on social media and see the amazing performers that are putting on entertainment that we can watch from our homes.  It is so incredible to see the generosity of everyone around the world give and share their talents in trying to help bring some joy or peace to get people’s minds off of this horrible virus, if only for a couple of hours.

As I am writing this on Sun., March 29th, my 20 year old son, Zach, is practicing his golf game by chipping from the floor into the corner pocket of our pool table (with a foam golf ball).  This is so great to see he can find a way to do what he loves in the comfort of our home. 


This has been a very difficult time for our Meadows Independent and Assisted Living residents.  With guidance from our state and federal government, we have had to limit their socialization and coming and going from our facilities.  I have had many conversations with them and they have shared that they have never experienced anything like this as well.  Today our resident’s families and friends now have the ability to send them greetings through our hospital website.  It has been shared by multiple people from our Meadows Senior Community Facebook page and I am excited to report that as of today we have received 17 resident greetings that we are read to share.

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