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March 7, 2022

As you all know, the ISH theme for this year is “The Calling”.  We all have been tasked to come up with our word for the year.  I have spend a lot of time thinking about this over the last few weeks.  I have had many ideas, but truly feel one of my biggest opportunities is to “Be Present”.  One article I read stated that living in the present moment is crucial to success, by being aware of the here and now you will live a better life.  Many people allow their mind to dwell in the past or worry about the future and they forget to live now, enjoy the moment, be present, be appreciative and grateful for life. One of the things that I hope to gain from my word for the year is reading books.  This is something that I truly struggle with, and I believe this is the why behind it.

My husband and I bought a treadmill and have started exercising daily with an online I-fit trainer.  The one that I am working with now is so motivating and positive and truly fits right into my “Be Present” for the year.  She starts out every workout with her tagline that she lives by: “Everyday is a Bonus”.  I hope that all of you can find your word and have the courage, strength, passion etc., to make your word whatever you are looking for out of it.

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