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February 10, 2020

This year as we focus on wellness I decided to google what Monday, February 10th was.  (This is the day that my article is published.)  It is National Clean Out Your Computer Day, which I feel fits right into our personal wellness.  Whether this is cleaning up old files, organizing items into folders or cleaning out your email this is my challenge to all of you today or in the next week.  Hopefully it will relieve a little stress or anxiety to declutter some.

Today things didn’t go as I had originally planned, so I decided to write my article.  I feel very blessed to have been in the right place at the right time, to be able to help and assist people in need.  I am not a clinical person in healthcare, but today I made a difference in that area.

One of my priorities is knowing how we are going to provide superior care to our patients the minute they enter our doors, and then observing the passion of our employees to take great care of the communities that we serve.  I was reminded again today how much I love working for ISH.  I love that we set the bar high and then achieve or exceed our goals.  Could I have done things differently?  Absolutely, but I did my best with the knowledge that I have and with the help of everyone who stopped by and asked if I needed help.  What a great team that worked together and assisted today – Mark Jenison, Wright County Sheriff’s Department, Clarion EMS, Clarion Fire Dept. and Iowa State Patrol.

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