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The Brief by Reagan

November 2, 2020

Every year when the first snow hits I tell myself next year I’m going to be better prepared and ready.  This never happens.  Right now the vehicle I use to move snow needs repaired and the plow itself needs some work.  Not to mention I have all kinds of stuff laying in the yard from the kids.

In my self-reflection, I evaluated what I could have done differently and it really comes down to what I prioritized. I should have given up some of that couch time this year and did more maintenance and repairs.  I should have given up those times on the weekend that I choose not to pick up the yard.

Time is valuable and limited, how we choose to spend it determines how much or what gets accomplished.  At work, at home, wherever… how we decide to prioritize matters.  It goes back to an old saying don’t prioritize your schedule instead schedule your priorities.

As we begin our move into the busy season take a moment to determine what’s important and make those your priority.  For me, TV and laying on the couch are going to have to take a back seat for a bit, and I’m going to have to get productive, even though I don’t really want to.  

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