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The Brief by Reagan

December 30, 2019

Christmas has come to an end and we are preparing for the New Year.  This year was a rough year for our family.  We lost Ashley’s Dad after a two year battle with cancer.  If you knew Randy, he was exceptional person.  Before his passing, I believe he found his calling, he was a tool and die instructor at at NIACC.  He loved was he was doing and most of all enjoyed his interactions with his students. 

The last few months have been an emotional ride going through all the firsts after his passing.  When you lose someone who had such a profound impact it always feels as though something is missing, a hollow that can’t be filled.  It is difficult to find new traditions or continue the old but it is a must, as in the words of my father “the sun will always come up tomorrow.”

So with 2019 coming to an end take time to spend with friends, family; those who you hold close, as time slips by faster than we can anticipate. 

I hope for each and every person that your 2020 is amazing!  As for me, I am hoping that in 2020 we can once again find a state of harmony and balance. 

Be Safe and have a Happy New Year!

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