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The Brief by Reagan

December 27, 2021

Well 2021 is finally coming to an end.  It has been a tumultuous year to say the least.  On top of that, it’s the time of year where all departments are running at maximum capacity trying to get every patient in before the new year starts and those new deductibles are introduced.  Add on top of all this family commitments, gift giving, sports, and concerts, it would be a wonder how anyone could not be stressed.

I was watching my favorite Holiday movie, “A Christmas Story”, and remembering a distant past when things did not seem so hectic.  Our phones weren’t attached to us, constantly popping reminders and the need to respond was not an immediate thing. Back in the day of land line, we could take the phone off the “hook” and you received zero calls.  You had the ability to disconnect and truly regroup.

This time of year I don’t know if it’s possible to disconnect.  However, once all the craziness slows down a bit (I don’t think completely slowing down will ever happen) and you have the chance to catch your breath, take an opportunity to disconnect and regroup.  I know it seems impossible and what would we do if our phones weren’t permanently connected to us?  But for hundreds of years this wasn’t a possibility and the human species managed to continue.  It’s just uncomfortable now and against the norm.

I think this is important though for a brief moment in time to slow the world down and recharge.  When I take Max out hunting on a Sunday morning for two hours my phone is in the car away from me and it’s just me, him, and a couple of terribly trained hunting dogs.*  Those few hours of silence out in the world each week are where I can finally disconnect and regroup to approach the new week.  As we move forward in the next crazy year, I hope each of you can find this space for you.  Help reduce the stress and be able to be energized to take on the next set of crazy heading our direction.

Happy Holidays.  Be safe, enjoy your time with loved ones, and thank you for being a part of this team.

*They are terribly trained as I tried to do this myself.  Not my best plan.  

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