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The Brief by Reagan

January 28, 2019

This year I’m trying to make healthier decisions and start working on a healthier lifestyle.  To be honest I hate it.  I miss Mountain Dew® like no other … None the less for my personal health and well-being I’m doing it.  I have started by setting small daily goals, working up to weekly goals that will hopefully lead to me meeting my overarching goal.  Let’s be honest I give myself like two more weeks and then I’m out.

Each year I attempt to do this then fail.  However, this year I believe I have set an actually achievable goal which should help keep me going, at least I hope.  

As you know as an organization each year we set goals as an organization.  We set personal goals that help department goals that ultimately lead to the success of the organization, much like my goal break down.  Each year it seems that the goals get harder, but if we break them down into manageable chunks they become achievable and we have seen this year after year.  

As we move forward with goal setting think about yourself and what you would like to accomplish over the next year.  Write your goal down and action plan then get to work.  Be the best you, you can be.  

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