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The Brief by Reagan

March 21, 2022

Spring feels like it is upon us.  As I write this article, it’s about 68F outside and I’m wishing I was out there instead of sitting in my office.
This week the kids are ready to be done with school and spring break is not coming fast enough.  Every morning it’s been an argument about going to school or an argument about attending our after school activities, and to be honest I’m exhausted. The springing ahead in time did not help either.    

So this week has been a constant discussion/lecture about seeing things through.  About not going back on your word, and finishing what you have committed yourself to.  Sometimes we find out we don’t like what we’ve elected to participate in, and that’s okay; you still have to finish.  This is when the eyes roll into the back of their heads, and I’m sure they’re about to permanently lodge there.  

At the end of the day, this is one of the best lessons I can give them.  Life gets hard, monotonous, and even boring, but we still have to see it through.  It’s all too easy to quit and throw in the towel when challenged, but that doesn’t get you anywhere.  You are always better off on the other side, a little stronger, a little smarter, and with a stronger will.  

As this pandemic drags on, as the changes in healthcare continue, we have to continue on.  Sometimes dragging ourselves through, but we have to continue. So when things look bleak remember to keep pushing through -  we will all be better off on the other side.

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