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March 25, 2019

Reagan Swisher, CCO

It looks like spring may actually be arriving. It feels nice to be able to get outside and not have to break through snow drifts. I know for me the seasonal depression was kicking in pretty hard and this change has started to once again lift my spirits.

I just finished conferences for my children yesterday and to my surprise they all went pretty well. One child had a bit of an issue though. The teacher talked about how their attitude had changed the last few months and that it was not up to expectations. The bright spot though was that when she talked to them, they owned it. They did not give excuses or argue, but just took it on the chin. Last night we talked about their attitude and that it needs to improve, but I focused and praised them on owning their behavior. 

Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes things just don’t turn out how we had intended. The best thing we can do is own it, learn from it, and move forward. After all we learn more through our failures than we do our success. In these turbulent times mistakes will be made and lessons will be learned, as long as we can own those mistakes and not create excuses for the outcome. 

I know here, at our organization, we will continue to thrive as we move into the future taking our knocks along the way. We have great teams and great people working at Iowa Specialty Hospital and I can only “Imagine” how far we will go.

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