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Notes from Steve

August 3, 2017

I had a lot of conversations on the bike with different people last week.  I had a lot of time to think as well.  I think I’m a negative thinker.  I was checking in with myself on all the thoughts and comments I had and was mortified that my attitude was cynical and contrary a lot of the time.  This is my new goal for the next year … to be less opposing and negative.  I remember once an employee, who was known for being negative, complained about something and clarified to all around “it’s not just me, everyone feels this way.”  I think if I peeled back the reasons for my complaining, it would come around to my feeling that I am doing the public good in pointing out the inherent negative in the situation.  Um, hello, not really; complaining about everything isn’t a positive attribute in anyone.  

I bought chips the other day because I justified and rationalized that since I road 450 miles I could afford to eat a full bag of chips.  I ate half, and then threw coffee grounds on the rest.  This is what happens when you claim “success” at the end of a journey.  It’s like if we, at the end of the year said with our goals – we hit 95% on Patient Satisfaction, “we can now rest and ignore the patients”.  We don’t do that because here “it’s the right thing to do, always”.  Same with exercise and diet – if it is the right thing to do, acknowledge the journey, but don’t claim success.  The journey never ends; it might just look a little different.  

So back on the chips.   I’ve heard “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”.  Ruffles and onion dip do.  I love chips and dip. Love.  Will I give them up forever?  No – I don’t want to try a diet where I have to cut out something completely; this will not work for me. (I will lie in bed craving that one thing that I cannot have.)  Living life is about tasting and doing all the great things that have been provided to us – in moderation.  The Family Size bag of Ruffles, maybe not.  The constant contrary negative perspective?  Sometimes, a differing opinion is warranted … but in a loving way.  

Your journey is your journey.  Have a great time, but remember it is never over until it is truly over.   

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