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October 5, 2020

I’ve started writing this a couple of times this week.  I’m filled with angst.  I have leftover anxiety from hearing that I may have been exposed to Covid (I wasn’t - the person’s test came back negative), angst from the debate the other night, angst from the end of summer, angst from stuff going on in the country and world … angst from people not treating each other with respect and compassion. 

Someone asked me in the last week “what was one of the best pieces of advice you’ve ever received?”  I said “rise above the emotion to see the games being played”.  To me this means - try and remove yourself from getting angry or angst ridden because of what someone else is doing.  The best thing for me to do - as I tend to get riled up fairly quickly - is to just sit back and breathe.  And then, just do it, deal with the “issue” in the moment - with as much grace as I can muster.  Things as minor as cleaning - if I just follow through and fill or empty the dishwasher now, then it won’t become a problem later.  Or picking stuff up; acting in the moment … being kind to my future self. 

In our standards of behavior, the last paragraph states that criticizing, complaining, or condemning Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics is against the standards.  How I explain it at orientation is that it is much easier to deal or solve with an issue at the outset instead of waiting until it is a big issue.  Empty or fill our proverbial dishwasher when appropriate.  Let us know if you see something - don’t ignore it - it only causes bigger issues later. 

So - if you see something, say something.  Act quickly, with grace and calmness.  There is really too much going on to let little things affect our bigger goals. 

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