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October 19, 2017

A year ago today my large cat died.  He wasn’t doing well for a while, and it was a blessing – but it still hurt.  I was a pallbearer in one of my best friend’s mom’s funeral a week ago today.  I got to see all of my good friends, but the event still hurt.  Bike riding – something I’ve really taken to – season is for the most part over.  I’m really trying to find an outlet for my angst, energy and emotions.  Sometimes when we have a lot going on or dealing with “stuff” … our reactions come out in odd ways.  

We’ve been having a lot of discussions as of late on who we (Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics) want to be in the future (could be five years, could be two years … ?).  Our vision states that we want to be a progressive healthcare system that is the benchmark for all others.  That’s a tall order.  Especially in these times of changing Obamacare and changing Medicaid and big inpatient surgeries moving to outpatient* … unique challenges that seem bigger now than the changes we saw in the past.  So for me – the stuff I’m dealing with in my personal life gets rolled around with the challenges of the professional, and all sorts of emotions get pushed out.  

“What’s that mean for us?”  Good question.  If I do it right, I can channel my energy into strategic stuff – and hopefully (with everyone’s help), we’ll continue to be the benchmark for all others.  So what’s this look like – how do we mold ourselves to weather the storm of change?  It could be that we market ourselves differently.  Could be we look at different markets for patients.  Could be we look at how things have been done in the past, and do it differently (insurance, strategic relationships, relationships with other providers).  I don’t know what we will do, but I do know that as we go forward and live our vision, awesome and incredible changes will happen.  The key in all of this is to be aware and awake, and fully embrace opportunities.  Carpe diem.  

*Which causes all sorts of changes in big hospitals – from reducing bed size to closing inpatient altogether (Albert Lea, MN) …

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