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October 12, 2020

Grace and trust have been on my mind as of late.  In these times of pandemic and unrest, in my opinion, we should start with trusting people and then giving grace when necessary (assuming that if someone screwed up, they probably started out with good intentions).  There are so many conspiracy theories and assumptions out there that people are “in the spirit of evil” doing bad deeds on purpose - my opinion is … probably not. 

However, this goes against my nature.  Now, I enjoy a good drama* or disaster (happening to other people) but I’ve got to change.  It’s killing me.  I don’t want to live my life with the thought that people are out to get me or something is out there lurking, ready to strike, steal from or hurt me in some way.* By simply trusting that people are doing things because - in their minds it’s done for the right reason - helps me to error on the side of compassion.  (“they meant well” … I tell myself.  They probably didn’t screw up to make my life worse or cause me harm.)

Going forward into 2021, rising above emotion and showing consistent grace and a trusting heart, requires patience.  It’s not good enough to stay silent, but to change the thoughts in my head and begin with grace and trust.  This challenge for me is big, but the payoff is even greater.

*Micki Disney lives across the street and apologized to me the other day for screaming at her kid in the front yard.  “You probably heard all of that … sorry”.  I told her I was in the car on my way back from Des Moines but I’d sure appreciate them re-enacting it when I get back.  She said no.
**my cat has been looking under my stove for a while now.  My first thoughts were “rats probably live under there” but that keeps me up at night so I’ve changed it to “it’s probably dirty”.  Problem solved.

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