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May 3, 2018

Someone said to me recently that after reading my columns for the past month, they felt I needed a hug.  Hmmm … I’m not a huggy person so don’t do that.  I went back and reread my words and ok, I was a bit down in the dumps – probably due to the non spring weather but also because I feel guilty for where we are at as an organization.  President Truman famously said that “the buck stops here” as in, the leader is ultimately responsible.  I probably could have done more, been more stern regarding financials in light of falling reimbursement and increasing expenses, and for that I’m sorry.  New day – lots of changes … it will be fine.    

As we move forward – new paradigm and all – we must all focus on what makes us successful.  Accountability in every endeavor, personal and professional; taking note of everything we do and sticking to a plan. I guess the big thing though that would really be bad is if we – being stern and all – suck all the joy and fun out of Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics.*   At the end of the day, we are family; albeit dysfunctional at times, and whatever blizzard or financial crisis that crashes into us, we will be fine, because we are here for each other. 

When I graduated with my Masters in 1990 and moved to New Hampshire, I moved out alone and I didn’t know anybody.  It was not really fun.  It was lonely and quiet and now that I look back, I’m surprised I was able to do that all by myself. What did I possess back then that gave me that courage?  I think when pushed, our abilities to rise above are boundless and amazing.  When we have courage and confidence, we have strength.  And strength coupled with a desire for excellence equates to success. 

We will be better than fine, together we will be amazing. 

*fun is important.


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