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April 4, 2022

March, in like a lamb AND out like a lion.  Guh.  Snow - well, it definitely could be worse I suppose.  I remember massive blizzards in March.  

OK, consider the concept of “remember”.   I was at the American College of Healthcare Executives this week in Chicago, and ISimpson cartoon image: newspaper clipping with photo and title that reads Old Man Yells at Cloud found myself having the conversation over and over about how many years I’ve attended and “back in the day” stories.  Ok, I’m stopping this.  I was telling someone yesterday that my nightmare is to witness myself in public.  Basically, be on the other side of me and see how I come across.  (I know I would probably judge myself harshly.) So I play this in my mind and find that I reminisce too much.  No one asked me to be the historian so I’m going to try and change this…or at least be more aware.

On a sign somewhere I read - Be The Best Version of Yourself. This is really hard.  (Especially if you are single - no one to tell you “that’s stupid, stop doing that”.)  With this in mind, awareness and being cognizant of my actions most of the time is a good practice.*  

For us out in the world who need a little help, be kind and let us know when we have spinach in our teeth.  If you are my friend, help me be better.  (Help is always a good thing.)

*Nikki (in marketing) lives across the street from me.  Her daughter when she was three asked me if I was naked because I was talking to them from inside my kitchen window and I wasn’t wearing a shirt.  (I wasn’t by the way, I had workout shorts on.) I then realized all of the windows in my corner house cut me off at the waist so anyone driving by, seeing my shirtless would assume I was naked.  I now am aware of this and wear shirts at all times in the house.  Awareness of your behavior and actions is very necessary.

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