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October 19, 2020

When I rode my bike the other day, I saw a ton of snakes.  I’m always brought to a story when I see a snake on a trail of a friend who accidentally ran over a snake and it got caught in her spokes.  (long, deep, horrendous sigh)  Yep.  That would seriously be the end of my life.  I shudder now to think of it …

Everyone has fears.  If I allow my fears to dictate the direction of my life (like - I won’t ride my bike for fear of running over a snake) then I’ll lose out - so I keep an eagle eye on the trail.  Maybe I’m too vigilant and keep my focus too much on the trail (squirrels and chipmunks also run across the road and I have huge fear of running them over so I’m screaming at them a lot) but I don’t hit a lot of animals. 

Fear has a huge place in the pandemic.  People are making a lot of different choices than they would have a year ago.  Fear dictates behavior.  Fear of acquiring the virus, fear of not getting back to “normal”, fear of isolation and loneliness … and alternatively, the absence of fear dictates behavior as well.  Some people don’t believe that masking is effective and that the virus is a hoax.  And they behave differently. 

So I don’t know.  We are seeing a lot of different perspectives in the nation today and I guess, be as safe as you can.  Watch out for the “animals” on your “trail” and avoid “hitting them” (getting sick).  We need you here. 

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