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March 29, 2018

If you know anything about me – you know that I love a good drama.  (Specifically, other peoples' drama in real time … I’m a rubbernecker.)  So, this week I’m at my annual conference in Chicago – the American College of Healthcare Executives … been going since 1988.  Historically, this is a huge snoozefest, but I’m able to get all of my continuing education in one shot and so it’s just what I do.  Monday morning, the opening session, where the ACHE brass figuratively sprain their arms patting their backs in self congratulatory speeches, featured the opening speaker.*  Well, she was snarky in her tone to the point of people yelling and walking out.  I was in heaven.  This was the best display of drama at an ACHE conference in 30 years.  It made my week.

Made me think though, without drama and electricity we are lulled into complacency and we go to sleep.  As a larger society, we have been shaken out of our sleep by our reality show president.**  His penchant for drama is clear – ratings on his show went up if there was drama.  It’s obvious society is awake and for change, that is what is necessary.  This is neither a good or a bad comment – it is what it is.  So … what does this mean for us?

Healthcare is in transition.  We are in transition.  We are awake and ready for change.  The market for the delivery of healthcare is changing dramatically and radically and if we are not fully awake and ready for whatever is thrown at us … we will cease to exist.  (“well that’s dramatic! You’re kind of scaring us” … tough beans – truth is, simple Darwinism – adapt or die.)  We must change how we see the delivery of care, how we staff, how we work on a day to day basis.  Our reality is we are a small vulnerable system … but we’re committed and we will change the world.  It’s exciting. 

*Mara Liasson – NPR/Fox (oxymoron) reporter who is usually center-to a bit left in her politics.

**not a criticism, he was the host of a reality show.

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