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March 22, 2018

Repurpose.  Reimagine.  Recalibrate.  Relearn.  Redo. 

Last week I anticipated some feedback regarding my article.  For those of you who didn’t read it (and I assume everyone did read it, so this is a useless remark), I questioned whether or not we really hear and tell the truth … or just our scrubbed version.  I thought maybe someone would ask if we are telling the absolute hard truth or are we just projecting a rosy future.  I think I’m guilty of the latter. 

An example would be in our growth pillar yesterday.  I was fairly open to the group with my weight loss/bariatric journey.  I, for many years fell for the quick (usually January) “TV cure.”  “EAT ALL THE FOOD YOU WANT AND YOU WILL STILL LOSE WEIGHT!!”  A. it costs a small fortune,  B. it tastes like pond scum and C. it doesn’t work.  All these weight loss companies promise cures but are for-profit and traded on the stock market for a reason – they want your money (if you lost the weight, you’d no longer be a customer and shell over cash for their “cure”).  My solution isn’t necessarily your solution, I’m not advocating surgery – I’m advocating waking up and knowing there are no simple solutions or quick wins.  Recalibrate.  Relearn.    

Re-imagine.  When we first started as a Critical Access Hospital in 2000, reimbursement from insurance was amazing and we were very successful.  We could do stuff, go places and buy things.  Whee!  … yeah, no more.  The insurance (not Medicare or Medicaid) pays awful and the glory days are over.  Not only do we have to take a hard look at how we are operating day to day but we will have to get used to doing more with less.  It’s our new reality.  (yay, not.)

Life is different.  It’s a different world than it was in 2000 and adjusting to it means pulling up the proverbial boots and getting to work. 


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