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Reflections from Amy

December 4, 2014

“We are free to choose our paths, but we can't choose the consequences that come with them.” ~ Sean Covey

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and took a moment to reflect on the blessings in your life. We have much to be thankful for this year as we celebrate the work that you all do and the impact you have made in our patients’ lives. It truly is a gift to work in a vocation that serves others. Never lose sight of the difference that you make.


My theme this week is consequences for our actions. This is my theme, because the boys have tested my patience to the limit. Apparently, when you pretend to be a ninja with a pool stick, you poke holes in the wall. Not that you should stop after one hole because clearly the damage is done, so you may as well keep going and make a bunch of holes. Seriously! Fortunately for them, they didn’t lie about who did it as that is an even bigger problem in our house. The boys then got to experience house arrest for 24 hours. They learned that there are consequences for their actions and, that for every action, there is a reaction. I would love to say that this lesson has been firmly taught, but to be honest, I imagine we will be teaching this one for quite some time.


How does this apply to you? Think about our Standards of Behavior and the very values that we live by. They are not optional, and there are consequences for not following them. So, when you want to march down the hall with a scowl on your face and blame someone else for your bad mood, think twice. You are the only person who gets to determine how you feel about something; you are responsible for your attitude. So, choose wisely and put a smile on your face. After all, we have much to be thankful for in our lives.


“Each day you are leading by example. Whether you realize it or not or whether it's positive or negative, you are influencing those around you.” ~ Rob Liano


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